this road is quite long

1000 poems away

finding inspiration

Welcome to my little experiment to change both the world and myself at the same time. I confess I certainly have a haiku habit. I started writing these haiku years ago as a way to keep me focused on what I should really be focusing on. I then began sharing them as I learned how to use a blog. In the beginning I wasn't really sure what I was doing. I learned a lot putting together my first attempt (the blog was call Chew the Fat). In January of 2015 I decided to officially change the name to The Smiling Haiku. The mission of my small organization (mostly me and you) is to direct my personal focus towards inspirational ways of thinking, share it with you, and hope you do the same. This is my version of an anti-negativity media outlet

Below you find the most recent Inspirational Haiku. The road to 1000 haiku is under foot.