Be Your Best Resource List

If you're not growing, your dying.  Below you find a list of resources and stores that will encourage you to grow and add to your enjoyment of life.  Browse and shop.  When you do you help support my efforts in this tiny corner of the digital world. 

Thank you.



Develop Zen Habits
This is a fantastic e-book authored by Leo Babauta creator of  This e-book will help you simplify your life, be happier, be productive with less stress, and get your closer to achieving your dreams.

Work For Yourself
This resource is full of tips, tools, and strategies to help you create personal freedom through a very small business.  This is one of my "small" goals on for this blog.  It's broken down into three sections:  Philosophy, Business Essentials, and Case Studies.  It's a great resource if you looking to escape the rat race, or just get along better within it.

Borders Bookstore:  Save up to 45% Off New York Times® Bestsellers
This is my online bookstore of choice.  They have a great selection and ongoing cost saving promotions.  I also appreciate they have a physical store that I can do business through.  Reading is one of the greatest ways to learn and improve.  Being a teacher I can absolutely say that it opens the doors to life success.

Audible:  Try Audible Now and Get A FREE Audiobook!
If you think you're too busy to read a book, Audible is the answer.  You can download audio books on any topic right to your portable device (iPod, BlackBerry, Android, etc.) and listen in the car, on the road, or doing the dishes.  This is the largest audio book site on the internet.


eMusic:  Get 25 FREE MP3s at Choose from over 3.5 million songs!
Music is the sound track to life.  The power it has to entertain, enhance, calm, and excite are undeniable.  Rolling Stone Magazine calls eMusic "iTune's Music Store cheaper, cooler cousin".  I think this might be the wave of the future.  If you purchase music regularly, then your it will cost about half as much as it would at iTunes or Amazon.

iTunes: Top songs on iTunes
iTunes is the largest online music store period.  It offers a great user interface and selection.  Check out the following link for a Free Download: Single of the Week. Only on iTunes.  In addition to great music, you will find a great selection of podcasts and audiobooks.  This is the best way to fill up your iPod.

SIRIUS Internet Radio...The Best Radio On the Internet
From talk radio, Folk music, and Old School Hip Hop, Sirius is a music lover's dream.  There are over 100 commercial free radio stations.  Perfect for road trips and commutes.    

Sonos:  Sonos S5: Wirelessly play any song, in any room. Watch the Demo.
This will be my next music purchase.  All I can say is that once you watch the demo you'll want it.  Put your music in every room of your house without any wires.


Hay House Publishing:  Inspirational books, audios, kits, and gifts
If you are looking to take your life to the next level, Hay House offers thousands of books, videos, and events that will help you do just that.  My favorite author is Wayne Dyer.  His book, Excuses Be Gone, gave me a nice kick in the behind. Just take a look around, I am sure something will speak to you. 

Shambhala Publications
The following is from Shambhala's about page:

 "Books are companions . . . teachers . . . muses . . . carriers of dreams, visions, and truth. For more than a third of a century, Shambhala Publications has been devoted to the magic, craft, and business of books. We've published hundreds of titles over the years—from miniature classics to oversized art books, from scholarly translations to stories for children, from books on tape to books in a box, from A Little Course in Dreams to The Great Path of Awakening. Here we invite you to celebrate with us some of the highlights of our history—the people, events, and books that have helped Shambhala to flourish as an independent house of quality, integrity, and vision."

Shambhala offer a great selection of Buddhism, Zen, and Business books.  These are all worth checking out.


Finally, when the world has got you beat down, it's time to find your moment of bliss.  I offer you a toolkit for conscious living.  Just click the banner below to view your bliss.  It's a great online resource for putting balance and happiness back in your life.

I wish you strength and happiness on the journey to be your best.  Thank you for supporting Chew the Fat, and me on my quest to do the same.