Bless You My Three Facebook Fans

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBase

This post is primarily dedicated to all three of Chew The Fat Fine T-Shirts and Swag Facebook fans.  You are the brave adventurers into a place many others obviously do not yet like to go.  I commend and appreciate you.

To those of you who have nothing to lose, just look up towards the top of this page.  Who will be brave enough to take us all the way to four? 

I am now officially setting a goal of at least twenty fans by 2020.  If you dare to become a fan of CTFFTAS I will write a haiku in your honor.  Once you've done the deed leave a comment below and I will immortalize you for all posterity. 

To the first three fans....your haiku is coming.  You rule.