zen drop: pure joy

pure joy
We move through the world in a narrow groove, preoccupied with the petty things we see and hear, brooding over our prejudices, passing by the joys of life without even knowing that we have missed anything.  Never for a moment do we taste the heady wine of freedom.  We are as truly imprisoned as if we lay at the bottom of a dungeon, heaped with chains. -Yang Chu

pure joy

open wide your vision and breath
step through life walking towards a hug
send your eyes to the grass under your feet
remove the sunglasses that shield the glow

of pure joy

I just started reading Buddhism Plain and Simple by Steven Hagen.  It's a Sunday and I have an anxious feeling about heading off to work tomorrow.  Lately work has become a place of stress, negativity, and disagreement and I'm no longer sure how to navigate my way through each day. Today's Zen Drop signals a new beginning in my attempt to re-focus on what is "really" important.

Here's to pure joy.


zen drop: a poem that focuses on every moment joy.

photo credit: zachsilvey